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Morris Schumacher

Director – Neo Recruitment

Morris Schumacher is one of our Directors who works with both businesses and candidates to help them find their next hire or role.

Morris believes that it essential to understand what clients are looking for, not only in terms of the skills and experiences of candidates but also the culture of the company. 

“I have a background in procurement, which is very similar to recruitment.  When procuring services ultimately value and price are the key aspects that you look for.  I treat my business as if I were procuring the service for myself.”

Morris believes that finding the needs, desires and values of people is an essential part of the recruitment process. He is passionate about adding value in everything he does.

“At Neo I wanted to ensure that we provide value for money, to me that means providing a services that meet our customers needs, whether that is cost, time or  quality. But also understanding the needs and desires of candidates is equally important.”  

Morris engages with both clients and candidates to develop a clear and concise specification of clients needs and a thorough overview of the candidate in terms of their skills and personal requirements.  He then uses his analytical skills to establish the best fit. 

Morris has a wide range of skills he initially trained and worked as an Electrical Engineer, has worked as a Facilities Manager and obtained a Masters Degree in Facilities Management and worked in Strategic Sourcing and became a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS). 

He has worked in Construction, Hospitality and Financial Services sectors for both SME’s and large corporations as well as running his own business. His experience covers operational, management and leadership roles. 

“I have a wide range of skills and experiences.  The one thing I have learned is that people are the most important aspects to business success. Finding the right people is a bit of an art form, as with anything the more information you have the better your decision making should be.”

Morris has been involved in huge construction projects, managed corporate real estate and procured multi million pound contracts but  believes that helping businesses find the right people and helping candidates find their next role is more rewarding.

“Changing peoples lives is very rewarding.  I have had clients tell me that I have transformed their business by finding them the right person and I even had a candidate text me on Christmas day to tell me I had changed his life, that was special”

Claire Hammond

CDirector – Neo Recruitment

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