About Us

About Neo Recruitment

Neo Recruitment is a bespoke recruitment agency based in central Scotland.  We believe that recruitment services should be focused on people and not sales.  Our approach is about building trusted, long term relationships with our clients and candidates.  We believe in honesty and doing the right things in the right way.

We do not specialise in industry sectors and geographical areas, we prefer to specialise in our clients, delivering a value driven solution that meets their needs. We believe that by doing so we will build long term relationships with them that allows us to focus on recruitment rather than sales.

Who are Neo?

Neo Recruitment was founded in 2008 on the principles of Honesty, Integrity and Flexibility having identified that these core values are too often lacking in the recruitment industry.

At the heart of our business is a simple idea: We’re all about people.

Neo now works in partnership with a variety of loyal clients of all sizes, from multiple sectors, across the UK and further afield. We develop a deep understanding of their needs and organisational culture to maximise successful recruitment outcomes

Building a deep relationship with our candidates is essential in order to fully understand who they are, their goals and ambitions to help them secure a role that they will enjoy and flourish in.

What can we do for you

Skills and Resources

We have the skills and resources to ensure that our clients are presented with the best people that meet their needs in terms of skills, experience and personal profiles.


We ask our clients the right questions to understand what they require from a successful candidate in term of skills, experience and personal attributes.

Needs Driven

We align our services to the needs of our clients in terms of the cost vs the complexity of the role being recruited.


We ensure that roles are professionally written and advertised in the right places to ensure success.


We have the skills and resources to ensure that suitable candidates are found via both the active and passive markets.


We take the time to ensure that you are fully informed about our candidates, ensuring you have the time to focus on the best candidates for you to select. 

Long Term Relationships

By building long term relationships we get to know you and by using our people kills we are able to determine the people that fit into your business. 

Value Your Time

We take the time to undertake all administrative tasks within the hire process to minimise the time you spend away from your core business activities.

After Sales

We take time post hire to ensure that both hiring managers and candidates are happy in the new role, helping identify and resolve any potential teething problems.

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